THE ALL-NEW 2016 CADILLAC XTS RENAISSANCE OFFERS SOPHISTICATED STYLING AND WORLD-CLASS QUALITY!  The 2016 Renaissance is going to revitalize the professional vehicle industry with its sophisticated styling and world-class quality. Like all 2016 XTS Chassis, the Renaissance as a rear-view back up camera integrated into the rear load door. We are sure that the materials and finishes in the Renaissance will exceed all expectations, as the interior matches the Cadillac XTS styling cues in every detail.THE 2016 CADILLAC XTS HERITAGE OFFERS UNSURPASSED PRACTICALITY AND ELEGANCE! Designed to provide funeral directors and livery operators with the most sought-after and practical features on the market, Federal’s 2016 Cadillac XTS Heritage offers unsurpassed practicality and elegance. Its big and bold exterior design makes a striking appearance while its large interior dimensions yields maximum functionality. The 2016 Cadillac XTS Heritage is becoming the most popular Federal funeral coach ever!


BIG & BOLD… THAT’S THE 2016 LINCOLN MKT STRATFORD BY FEDERAL COACH! Combining the practical necessities of a professional funeral vehicle with the modern look and spacious interior the Lincoln MKT, this Federal coach is the perfect answer for funeral directors looking for something to set them apart. The 2016 MKT Chassis features all-wheel-drive, a 3.7L V6 engine, Navigation, rear view back-up camera, and much more.