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The Parks Family has been selling and servicing new and pre-owned funeral vehicles including Hearses, Limousines, First Call vehicles and Flower Cars for over 65 years. We carry Federal Coach & Eagle Coach, S&S Coach & Superior Coach, Platinum Coach, MK Coach & K2 Products. We take pride in being a resource to our customers.

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Phone: 1-800-229-5008
Address: Somers, Connecticut

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What makes our Quality Pre-Owned Cars Different?
Our people and the time invested into every one of our pre-owned cars make all the difference!


Within 24 hours of a trade-in arriving at our dealership, all cars go through a complete inspection process to determine what we need to do to make this vehicle 100% ready for sale.

After the inspection, the car goes into our IN-HOUSE Service Department for repairs & adjustments. Our service BodyShoptechs are factory trained and have over 20 years experience in the industry.

After leaving our Service Department each car makes its way to our State of the Art IN-HOUSE Body Shop. Here we take care of nicks & scratches, to make your new Pre-Owned vehicle look as well as it runs.

The last step in our process is time at our IN-HOUSE Detail Shop. Our Detailerdetailers spend the time to make your new Pre-Owned car shine. The cars come out of this department looking new, and even have that new car smell!

Our repeat customers know! We spend more time and money before you buy to make sure your pre-owned investment provides you years of great services, hassle free!


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