XTS Crown Sovereign  Superior Coaches has always been the style leader in funeral vehicles. The new Crown Sovereign Cadillac is another classic beauty that extends the long line of notably distinctive Superior funeral coaches into the current automotive era.


XTS Sovereign   Quality and refined style are the operative words to describe the all-new Superior Sovereign Cadillac. The contoured lines present a classic style that is tasteful but distinctive. The traditional, hinged casket door, available with right or left opening, provides unsurpassed access to a spacious casket compartment that is elegantly styled as well as supremely functional. The Sovereign is at the head of its class.


XTS Statesman  Dependability and value are the words that best describe the Superior Statesman Cadillac. Styled with an aerodynamic shape that blends well with current Cadillac body lines, the overall design exudes quality and functionality with a contemporary look that will reflect positively on your funeral home.


MKT Diplomat  The impressive coach styling of the Superior Diplomat Lincoln, as its name suggests, is an ambassador of prestige and distinction as it combines with the contemporary Lincoln MKT design to produce a balanced and strikingly beautiful appearance. It’s a modern classic with Superior’s staunch reliability.